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Images in headers
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Posted by fortech  · 26-07-2011 - 14:44

I'll trying to place an image in the header. I have:

$header = '';
$paramsImg = array(
'name' => $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/img/header.png',
'scaling' => 100,
'spacingTop' => 100,
'spacingBottom' => 0,
'spacingLeft' => 100,
'spacingRight' => 0,
'textWrap' => 1,
'js' => 'center',
'border' => 1,
'borderDiscontinuous' => 1

$docx->addHeader($header, $paramsImg);

I get the image importing fine, however the image has a width of 0" and height of (basically infinite). I've tried the sixeX, sixeY with other combinations, with no change in results. Am I missing a param to make it work? Thanks.