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How to get elements of a specific table.
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Posted by neu_katayama  · 22-07-2019 - 02:08

    <w:tblStyle w:val="TABLECUSTOMSTYLE"/>
    <w:tblW w:w="0" w:type="auto"/>
    <w:tblInd w:w="0" w:type="dxa"/>
    <w:tblLook w:val="04A0" w:noVBand="1" w:noHBand="0" w:lastColumn="0" w:firstColumn="1" w:lastRow="0" w:firstRow="1"/>
    <w:gridCol w:w="10763"/>
  -<w:tr w:rsidR="008E34E6" w14:textId="77777777" w14:paraId="57D2E49F" w:rsidTr="008E34E6">

I want to get the value of w: tc in wordML above.

I want to determine by table style etc. How should I specifically set [referenceNode]?

Please let me know if there is another good way.


$ref = array(
 'type' => 'table',
 'attributes' => array("w:val" => "TABLECUSTOMSTYLE"),

$now_content = $now_docx->getWordContents($ref);