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I can't convert a docx file to pdf file in a microsoft server
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Posted by  · 23-07-2019 - 09:05


I'm trying to convert a docx file to pdf file in a Microsoft Server,

I've installed Microsoft Office 2013 in the server,

I've a Microsoft Server because some docx files cannot be converted by LibreOffice.


Why not?

Because there are some docx documents that have many designs, objects, etc.

when I convert a docx file to PDF with LibreOffice the pdf output file doesn't looks like 100% to the original docx file for this reason I'm trying to use Microsoft Office for getting a convertion 100%.


I've a small API where we need to send the file to convert, everything looks like good except when I use te "transformFormat" method from "MSWordInterface" in that's moment I always get same error:



<b>Source:</b> Microsoft Word<br/><b>Description:</b> El elemento del conjunto solicitado no existe.

at MSWordInterface->transformFormat('C:\\388.docx', 'C:\\388.pdf')


I've tried everything but doesn't work,

Could you help me, please?