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Replace variables in header not working
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Posted by brieflogic  · 08-08-2011 - 01:24

Hello, I'm trying to replace a few tokens in the header and footer... these are noted in the docx template file with preceeding and concluding '$'.... i.e. $BRIEFTITLE$, and so on.

Here is the code:

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$settings = array(
'header' => true

$docx->addTemplateVariable('BRIEFTITLE', 'Testing Brief ' . date("H:i:s"),$settings);
$docx->addTemplateVariable('BRIEFTEMPLATE', 'dock trial of template use '. date("H:i:s"),$settings);
$docx->addTemplateVariable('BRIEFCONTENT', 'Body Content '. date("H:i:s"),$settings);
$docx->addTemplateVariable('BRIEFFOOTER', 'Footer Content ' . date("H:i:s"),$settings);
$docx->addTemplateVariable('BRIEFACCOUNT', 'Account Name '. date("H:i:s"),$settings);
$docx->addTemplateImage('BRIEFLOGO', 'path/to/file.gif',$settings);

the file renderes, and only briefcontent variable is replaced. The others are not... any ideas?