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Handling of lists..
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Posted by coolaustralia  · 22-08-2019 - 22:40

We're having a couple of separate issues, around the same theme.

This HTML code:

<ul><li>Question 1</li</ul>

<img src="blank.png" style="height: 120px" />

<ul><li>Question 2</li></ul>

<img src="blank.png" style="height: 120px" />


Results in a word document where the image is above the <li> so there is a break between the bullet and the text.

Alternatively we do this:

<ul><li>Question 1<br /><br /><br /><br /></li><li>Question 2<br /><br /><br /><br /></li></ul>

this results in the breaks being placed ABOVE the text, instead of below.

What we're trying to achieve is a blank space between each <li> of 3-4 lines, so when the document is printed there is space to write.

We're running the latest available PHPDocx