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Docx without phpdocx styles
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Posted by admin  · 20-10-2019 - 16:53


phpdocx uses internal styles to be able to add new contents correctly. These styles are set in the base template (templates/phpdocxBaseTemplate.docx in Basic, Advanced and Premium licenses) and in the DOCXStructureTemplate.php file in the Premium license.

When using a custom template, some styles are imported. These default styles are available in OOXMLResources.php, $defaultPHPDOCXStyles variable. This is a static public variable so you can overwrite to set the styles to be imported (for example a set of them or none of them):

OOXMLResources::$PHPDOCXStyles = '<w:styles xmlns:w=""/>';

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('document.docx');

You may need to use custom styles from your DOCX for new contents if needed (such as headings).