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Automatically inserting database fields inside a word document that we are uploading
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Posted by driven13  · 20-02-2020 - 06:17

Hello all.

We are uploading various Word documents into our php/MySQL system.

We want to convert these Word Documents into PDF documents.

But while we do that we also want to insert a few values from our database into this Word document before we turn into a PDF document.  We want this to be "automatic" so that the system knows which tables and which fields should be inserted into each of these Word documents as they are all going to need to be different fields from different tables.

So for example, some of these documents need to have the user's name and address fields inserted into the PDF document before they can download it from their account inside our software. So, when they click the "download button" for the document, the Word document should pull the user's name and address and insert it into the document before turning it into a PDF.

Can someone please guide me as to how we can go about doing this...??

Thanks in advance.