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Problem with inline style
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Posted by giampo  · 18-07-2020 - 20:51


we've a phpdocx premium license and we have a problem with some functions. 

when we use the customizeWordContent funcionts the inline elements of source docx file are not overwritten.

Let's me explain better.

We have to process with phpdocx a docx file created by a user with microsoft word 2013-2019.  In this file we have to change font globally and set a font size, keeping bold and italic style of the source file. 

If the source file already has a global class, i.e. the same font for the whole file, the same size, everything seems to work but for example if there are two different fonts in the same file it seems that word assigns certain inline style and phpdocx cannot overwrite this and set globally the new desired style 

how should we do? there is a way to assign a new default style to whole file overwriting inline style keeping bold italics etc.

Please let me know. thanks