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Problem with inline style
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Posted by admin  · 20-07-2020 - 09:13


Running the following code Roboto font is applied to the text contents in the document body correctly (that uses a very similar code than the samples included in the package):

$docxFinal = new CreateDocx();

$docxFinal->importContents('ArticoloClelia.docx', ['type' => 'paragraph']);
$docxFinal->embedFont('fonts/Roboto/roboto.ttf', 'Roboto');
$docxFinal->embedFont('fonts/Roboto/robotoi.ttf', 'Roboto', ['styleEmbeding' => 'Italic']);
$docxFinal->embedFont('fonts/Roboto/robotob.ttf', 'Roboto', ['styleEmbeding' => 'Bold']);
$docxFinal->embedFont('fonts/Roboto/robotobi.ttf', 'Roboto', ['styleEmbeding' => 'BoldItalic']);

$defaultStyle = [
    'font' => 'Roboto',

foreach (array('paragraph', 'run', 'list', 'style') as $type) {
        $docxFinal->customizeWordContent(['target' => 'document', 'type' => $type], ['font' => 'Roboto']);


We have checked the output with MS Word 2007, MS Word 2010, MS Word 2013, MS Word 2016, MS Word 2019, LibreOffice 5 and LibreOffice 6 and in all cases Roboto is applied to all existing contents in the document body content.

Also please note that your code has some errors, for example:

  • 'attributes' => ['w:*'

w:* is not a valid attribute, you need to set a specific attribute name, not a wildcard, to get the correct attribute to be changed.

  • [ 'type' => 'style', 'target' => 'style', 'customAttribute' => '//w:body/w:r[1=1 and descendant::w:rFonts[contains(@w:ascii, "*")]]' ]

you are trying to change the style target (style file) with the customAttribute //w:body/w:r that is a tag (not an attribute) that only exists in the document.xml file.

Also please note that your DOCX contains footnotes that aren't supported in the current version of DOCXCustomizer (

target  string  document (default), style, lastSection, header, footer.