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Docx to pdf conversion on windows server with libreoffice

Posted by skilltran  · 16-10-2020 - 19:05

Ok, I got the path issue fixed. Now I'm having an issue with finding the 'config folder of the user's HOME directory' like it says in the link you sent. I have no idea where that is suppoed to be on windows. The project I am working on is usualy run on an apache server, and on there the pdf conversion is working. I can't find the config folder on the apache server either, but It works there. Converting to docx works on the windows machine, just not the converson into pdf. The error I get is this:

rename(C:\OBWeb\reportcache/SkillTRAN-0d13d705af68dd09d5d46c4618630bfe.pdf,C:\OBWeb\reportcache\SkillTRAN-0d13d705af68dd09d5d46c4618630bfe.pdf): The system cannot find the file specified. (code: 2) in C:\OBWeb\rpcl\phpdocx\classes\TransformDocAdvLibreOffice.php