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Libreoffice pdf export and native pdf export can not interpret linebreaks created by bulkprocessing
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Posted by admin  · 27-10-2020 - 14:50


Thanks for sending the requested information Your e-mail was replied two hours ago by the support team, this is a copy of the answer:

Thanks for sending the requested information. Please edit Classes/Phpdocx/Utilities/BulkProcessing.php and in the method replaceTextContents (around line 898), replace:

$stringDoc = str_replace('__LINEBREAK__', '<w:br />', $dom->saveXML());


$stringDoc = str_replace('__LINEBREAK__', '</w:t><w:br /><w:t xml:space="preserve">', $dom->saveXML());

And try again, this change should fix the issue with LibreOffice and BulkProcessing when parseLineBreaks is enabled. The same change has been applied to the current testing branch.