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Posted by bas225522  · 26-01-2021 - 09:58


I have a little problem. i have a script to transform .docx to .pdf easy to do with phpdocx... but!

i can't rename the file while transforming the .docx to .pdf

This is the script that i use:


// Phpdocx inladen.
require_once '../../plugins/phpdocx/classes/CreateDocx.php';

$bestand          = $obj2->bestand; // Get's from db like document.docx
$bestandslocatie  = "documenten/".$obj2->pat_id."/documenten/"; // this is the location where the file is stored
$bestandsnaam     = "output.pdf";

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$docx->transformDocument($bestandslocatie.$bestand, $bestandsnaam, 'libreoffice', array('homeFolder' => '/var/www/html/', 'debug' => true));


than the debug output ( I deleted the save location for security reasons ) 
convert /document.docx -> /document.pdf using filter : writer_pdf_Export

I expect output.pdf but i get document.pdf.
Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?