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Updating a list to match style
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Posted by admin  · 02-04-2021 - 09:31


customizeWordContent uses w:body as default parent, so only the contents that have w:body as parent will be changed.
On the API method doc page (, you can find explained the following option:

parent   string   Main document body as default, allows to set any parent or a specific one. w:body (default), '/' (any parent) or any other specific parent (/w:tbl/, /w:tc/, /w:r/...).

If you want to apply customizeWordContent to all contents, not only the ones that have the main w:body as parent, for example when you embed a list in a table, you can set parent to '/' (any parent), or a specific parent (for example '/w:tc/' for cells). If you don't know the specific parent, we recommend you to use the global '/' parent.