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Mergedocx fails in specific circumstances with an ole chart
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Posted by mi_ov  · 20-05-2021 - 01:46

Hello, first of all, let me tell you that this library has saved me tons of time.

I have a very particular problem. In a part of my system I need to merge 5 docx files into one.

One of the files is pretty big and has charts and tables inside it.

The files I have are the following:

  1. caratula.docx (the cover page of the document)
  2. resumen.docx (a short version of the document)
  3. anonimo.docx (the main file where's the bulk of information and the tables)
  4. presentacion.docx (presentation letter)
  5. etica.docx (ethics document)

All the files are valid .docx files and can be opened as zip files.

So, I need to combine these 5 files into one. I didn't have issues doing this earlier on, but the users of the system came up with the specific combination I have right now and something is breaking.

If I try:

require_once '../lib/phpdocx/classes/MultiMerge.php';
$merge = new \MultiMerge();

I get this error and it points me to line 1009:

Call to a member function getAttribute() on null

1003                     $docXPathRels = new DOMXPath($chartRelsDOM);
1004                     $docXPathRels->registerNamespace('r', '');
1005                     $queryXlsxRels = '//r:Relationship[@Type=""]';
1006                     $queryXlsxRelsNode = $docXPathRels->query($queryXlsxRels);
1008                     $xlsxNode = $queryXlsxRelsNode->item(0);
1009                     $xlsxId = $xlsxNode->getAttribute('Id');
1010                     $xlsxTarget = $xlsxNode->getAttribute('Target');
1011                     //we get the original name of the xlsx file
1012                     $xlsxNameArray = explode('/', $xlsxTarget);
1013                     $xlsxName = array_pop($xlsxNameArray);
1014                     $xlsxNewName = 'spreadsheet' . $value['newId'];
1015                     $xlsxNode->setAttribute('Id', $value['newId']);
1016                     $xlsxNode->setAttribute('Target', '../embeddings/' . $xlsxNewName . '.xlsx');

Now, the strange part is that if I change my code to:

require_once '../lib/phpdocx/classes/MultiMerge.php';
$merge = new \MultiMerge();

Which is basically moving the main content-heavy file as the first parameter, it works without any issues, which leads me to believe it's not a file issue, neither a memory or input variables issue, but a difference between the handling ot the first parameter and the files in the second parameter.

It would appear it only fails if I have the anonimo.docx file inside the array of the other documents.

I need the caratula.docx file to appear first, I've tried in every order possible, but it just works if I put the heavy file first. 

I use:

  • Windows 10 x64
  • Apache 2.4.25 
  • PHP 7.4.11 
  • PHP DocX 11.0 Premium