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Replacelistvariable didn't create list
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Posted by admin  · 20-05-2021 - 05:08


The replaceListVariable method adds list items to an existing list in a template, removing the placeholder and adding new list items. We think you are using replaceListVariable with a placeholder that it's not in a list. We recommend you to check the included samples and the documentation available on

If you need to replace a placeholder (that it's not in a list) by a list, you need to use replaceVariableByWordFragment, for example using a template included in the package:

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('examples/files/TemplateSimpleText.docx');

$itemList = array(
    'Line 1',
    'Line 2',
    'Line 3',
    'Line 4',
    'Line 5'

$listWordFragment = new WordFragment($docx, 'document');
$listWordFragment->addList($itemList, 1);

$docx->replaceVariableByWordFragment(array('MULTILINETEXT' => $listWordFragment));

We recommend you to read the following documentation pages: