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Mergedocx fails in specific circumstances with an ole chart
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Posted by admin  · 20-05-2021 - 05:19


Maybe the DOCX document includes object charts (instead of regular charts)? Please do the following minor change:

  1. Edit MultimeMerge.php (classes folder)
  2. In phpdocx 11, go to line 1005 and replace the following line:
$queryXlsxRels = '//r:Relationship[@Type=""]';

by this new line:

$queryXlsxRels = '//r:Relationship[@Type="" or @Type=""]';

and try again. Regular charts are supported in the merge method, but object charts support is only included in the current testing branch (the previous change adds support) but it's not available in the stable package (it will be included in the next release of phpdocx; there's no release date).

If you send to contact[at] the DOCX documents you are merging we'll check them.