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Html table with colspans
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Posted by admin  · 14-06-2021 - 15:28


Your username doesn't a license tied. Please send to contact[at] the username or email that purchased the license.

About your question, MS Word can handle many automatic values when adding tables, but some cases such as the one you have posted, requires setting widths (the table itself and at least the first row) instead of automatic values, so MS Word can display the table correctly. Please check the following sample after changing your code:

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$html = '<table width="600">
<th width="150">AAAAA</th>
<th width="150">BBBBB</th>
<th width="150">CCCCC</th>
<th width="150">DDDDD</th>
<td colspan="3">111111</td>
<td colspan="3">222222</td>



Following this recommendation, all your tables will be displayed correctly.