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Unable to install and get working pdf conversion
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Posted by admin  · 14-07-2021 - 11:19


From the information you have sent we have found the following line:

OK HOME environment variable issetfor the currentuserand has the following value: /home

If the HOME var in the web server:

echo getenv("HOME");

is set to /home, then you need to create /home/.config folder with rw access. That seems the problem and the reason of the warning:

Warning The .config/libreoffice folder in the HOME folder must have rw access.

If needed, you can change the HOME folder instead of using the default one with the homeFolder option:

$docx->transformDocument('document.docx', 'output.pdf', 'libreoffice', array('homeFolder' => '/home/forge'));

or in config/phpdocxconfig.ini file (home_folder option).

Please also check the documentation available on the following page:

to debug it. As explained on the previous page, first check that LibreOffice can work standalone and then using PHP CLI mode.

If you send to contact[at] SSH access to your server, the path where phpdocx is installed and a URL to test it using a web browser, the dev team will connect to check it.