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How to apply list level override when importing html
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Posted by admin  · 21-07-2021 - 07:07


As you want to generate distinct sublists (restarting the sublists) in a list, you need to create new lists or apply level override. Otherwise you'll get a continuous numbering. You need to use HTML Extended, available in Premium licenses.

You can accomplish the requested task closing the li tag before each sublist and setting the depth to be applied:

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$html = '
            <li data-depth="1">Argentina</li>
            <li data-depth="1">Brasil</li>
            <li data-depth="1">Colombia</li>
            <li data-depth="1">Alabama</li>
            <li data-depth="1">Baltimore</li>
$docx->embedHTML($html, array('useHTMLExtended' => true));

Or the recommended approach, that is using a custom list style with level override options. On (List level override section) you can read more information about this task and a sample.

The following sample illustrates how to do it:

// custom options
$listOptions = array();
$listOptions[0]['type'] = 'bullet';

// override
$overrideListStyleOptions = array();
$overrideListStyleOptions[0]['type'] = 'lowerLetter';

$overrideListStyle = array();
$overrideListStyle[0] = array(
    'listOptions' => $overrideListStyleOptions,
    'name' => 'letter',

// create the list style with name: clist
$docx->createListStyle('clist', $listOptions, $overrideListStyle);

$html = '
<ul class="clist">
        <ol class="letter">
        <ol class="letter">
$docx->embedHTML($html, array('customListStyles' => true, 'useHTMLExtended' => true));