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Adddefaultstyles: where are the styles drawn from?
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Posted by Lochspring  · 16-08-2021 - 19:13

Hi there.  We're working with PHPDocX 10, and generating our docs using the CreateDocxFromTemplate function.  I'm trying to figure out exactly where a set of styles are being drawn from when using the embedHTML or ReplaceVariableWithHTML function.

Let me start by saying I have a Heading1-6 style in my Word Template.  This, in turn, is connected to the <h1>-<h6> tags in the call to the function, as shown here:

        'stylesReplacementType' => 'mixPlaceholderStyles', 
        'useHTMLExtended'       => true,
        'isFile'                => false,
        'parseFloats'           => true,
        'embedFonts'            => true,
        'cssEntityDecode'       => true,
        'downloadImages'        => true,
        'addDefaultStyles'      => false,
        'strictWordStyles'      => false, 
        'wordStyles'            => [     
            '<h1>' => 'Heading1',
            '<h2>' => 'Heading2',
            '<h3>' => 'Heading3',
            '<h4>' => 'Heading4',
            '<h5>' => 'Heading5',
            '<h6>' => 'Heading6',
            '<table>' => 'ZimitTable',

My issue arises with addDefaultStyles.  When I set this value to "TRUE", inline styles in my HTML (say, setting color:#ff0000) are honored, and work perfectly.  However, when I do that, I am also getting a 12pt Black style being applied to all Headings and MOST Normal-styled paragraph elements.  I have removed all CSS stylesheets from the run, including the base one found in /templates/html.css. I have been unable to find where this style is being forced into the document inline.  

Please note that I can't force strictWordStyles to be true here.  I need the inline styles to function so we can override on a case by case basis.