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Using templates
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Posted by smaubian  · 27-10-2011 - 17:12


I'm starting using phpdocx today and was not able to have it working using a template.
What i did is creating a very simple template.docx file (few words) and then try to load it to a phpdocx element :

require_once(LIBPATH."/phpdoc/classes/"); // where LIBPATH can be "../folder/"

if(!file_exists($template)) {
$this->setError("class createDOC render : unable to load DOC template : $template. exiting",true);

$t=new CreateDocx();

And each time the result is an "empty" docx file. I do not understand what happen. Version 2.4 (pro), i have added my key to the 'code' file and am on the correct domain www/

any help / suggestion ?.