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Footnote element affects image or hyperlink preceding it using html extended
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Posted by dev@ams  · 21-09-2021 - 06:54

Hi there,

I'm wondering if this is a familiar problem. When we create documents where an image is followed by a paragraph – either directly or with a 'normal' paragraph in between – that contains a footnote, the image is not included in the docx file. Removing the footnote will result in the image appearing in the docx file. 

Similarly, when a paragraph containing a hyperlink is followed by a paragraph containing a footnote, the hyperlink is not 'clickable' in the docx file (meaning that you cannot click it to open the link). However, removing the footnote results in the hyperlink fo the clickable in the created docx file.

Example snippet:

<p><img src="{some_logo_removed_for_example_purposes}" class="image" /></p>
    <p>Here comes the </p>
    <phpdocx_footnote_textdocument data-text=" footnote " data-italic="true" />
        <p class="italicc">Text <strong>footnote</strong></p>
    <p>and some other text.</p>