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Text with hyperlink change the style while convert docx to pdf
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Posted by admin  · 22-09-2021 - 12:10


How are you adding the hyperlink and what conversion plugin are you using?

Hyperlinks allow applying custom character styles and other styles. For example:

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$linkOptions = array(
    'url'=> '',
    'color' => 'B70000',
    'underline' => 'none',
    'strikeThrough' => false,
$docx->addLink('Link to Google in red color and not underlined', $linkOptions);
$docx->transformDocument('document.docx', 'document.pdf');

The PDF is generated with the same styles as the DOCX source: the link has B70000 color and no underline.

Or using HTML:

$docx->embedHTML('<a href="" style="color: green;">My link</a>');

If you are using a template, the existing styles aren't removed unless you request it using DOCXPath, DOCXCustomizer or other similar feature.

If you need to customize the styles of an existing hyperlink on-the-fly, you need to use customizeWordContent available in Premium licenses.