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Images embedded in html are not reflecting in docx
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Please note this is an old forum thread. Information in this post may be out-to-date and/or erroneous.
Every phpdocx version includes new features and improvements. Previously unsupported features may have been added to newer releases, or past issues may have been corrected.
We encourage you to download the current phpdocx version and check the Documentation available.

Posted by admin  · 02-10-2021 - 18:56


You can send the simplest script that illustrates your issue to contact[at], for example a script that adds an image from your server, and we'll check it. We need to run it, so the script must use phpdocx standalone without using external resources such as databases, web services, frameworks or CMS.

Embedding images using HTML methods and all image methods are fully tested and working with all PHP versions from PHP 5.2.11 to PHP 8. We recommend you to check the samples included in the package. If the image is not being added is because it can't be readed correctly; after you have sent the sample script will know where the issue comes from.