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Multiple signatures for a document
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Posted by Thierry DUPONT  · 22-10-2021 - 11:24

Hi all,

Do you what the process for digitally sign for multiple users?
Can we add signature for a document and after another in a second time?

How to proceed if we have to put the name / first name in an insert in the file?
The first signature will no longer be valid when we add the second because the document will be modified.

Or the solution is?
- we have a document A.
- first signing. We save the sign doc (doc1).
- second signing. We save the sign doc (doc2).
- and after signing document A with two signs. We have also a new document (doc3).
Doc1 & doc2 allow to keep a trace that the original document has not been modified except for the addition of the surnames / first names in the document.

Is it the right approach?

Thank you for your help.