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Multiple signatures for a document
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Posted by admin  · 22-10-2021 - 11:39


All documents (DOCX, PDF, XLSX, PPTX) can be signed using more than one signature using signature methods included in Premium licenses (

For example, you can sign a DOCX:

$sign = new SignDOCX();
$sign->setPrivateKey('key_1.pem', 'phpdocx');
$sign->setSignatureComments('This document has been signed.');

If you change the signed DOCX using phpdocx or any other tool, MS Word and other DOCX readers will display a message that the document has changed and the signature is not valid.

The same DOCX can be signed again adding a new signature (the same or other signature):

$sign = new SignDOCX();
$sign->setPrivateKey('key_2.pem', 'otherpassword');
$sign->setSignatureComments('This document has been signed.');

and you'll get a DOCX with two signatures (or more if needed).

Since phpdocx 12, the Indexer class ( allows extracing signatures information from a DOCX.