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Using the home_folder config option
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Posted by QMAdmin  · 26-10-2021 - 11:05

Hi, Im running into issues when trying to convert .docx to pdf.

The issue relates to the home folder and when I set it programatically like so:

$docx->transformDocument('document.docx', 'output.pdf', 'libreoffice', array('homeFolder' => '/home/web'));

It works fine but when I try add this setting to the config file it's faling again with the rename error.

Here is the settings I'm using:

; transform options. Only available for Advanced and Premium licenses. OpenOffice by default

; libreoffice, native, msword, openoffice
method = "libreoffice"

; libreoffice installation path, absolute path
path = "/usr/bin/soffice"

; custom HOME folder; allows se
home_folder = "/home/web"


Any idea why the config setting is not getting used?