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Add pagination and contents to the footers replacing them in an existing docx
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Posted by admin  · 24-12-2021 - 11:10


As explained in our previous reply, addFooter and addHeader methods work only with documents with one section (to generate DOCX documents from scratch with multiple sections and headers/footers the mergeDocx method must be used []).

To replace all headers and footers in an existing DOCX document with one or more sections you need to use the importHeadersAndFooters method.

You can generate a DOCX with headers/footers:

$docx = new CreateDocx();

$footer_html = '<p>Footer HTML</p>';

$numbering = new WordFragment($docx, 'defaultFooter');
$docx->addFooter(array('default' => $numbering, 'first' => $numbering, 'even' => $numbering));


and then use it with importHeadersAndFooters to replace headers/footers in a DOCX template with one or more sections:

$docxNew = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('document_with_header_footer_multiple_sections.docx');

Also note that break (addBreak method and 'type'=>'break' in DOCXPath) don't work with sections but with break tags. If you need to work with sections you need to use the addSection method and 'type' => 'section' in DOCXPath. The removeWordContent method included in DOCXPath removes contents; in the package you can find a lot of samples using it.

If you open a ticket ( attaching a DOCX sample with multiple sections you are using, the dev team will generate a custom script using it.