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Php warning when generating word file with loadhtml
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Posted by jeroen8087  · 09-02-2022 - 08:18

Using PHPDocx 12.5, I get several PHP warnings and notices in my log file after creating a Word file. I use CreateDocxFromTemplate and replaceVariableByHTML, which produces the errors.

Depending on how many variables are replaced in the template, I get the following errors more than once, sometimes over 100 of them for one Word file:

Severity: Warning  --> DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Tag close invalid in Entity, line: 1 /Users/rolandvaandrager/Development/app/source/vendor/phpdocx/classes/DOMPDF_lib.php 2641
Severity: Notice  --> Undefined index: text_decoration /Users/rolandvaandrager/Development/app/source/vendor/phpdocx/classes/HTML2WordML.php 2493
Severity: Notice  --> Undefined offset: 5 /Users/rolandvaandrager/Development/app/source/vendor/phpdocx/classes/HTML2WordML.php 2019
Severity: Notice  --> Trying to access array offset on value of type null /Users/rolandvaandrager/Development/app/source/vendor/phpdocx/classes/HTML2WordML.php 2019


The first loadHTML() error is caused by a <close> tag in the HTML, which is generated by line 2705 in DOMPDF_lib.php:

$str = str_replace('</body>', '<close></body>', $str);

I don't know why this is done, it creates invalid HTML. If I remove this statement though, I get an invalid Word file with many more errors about unclosed tags in WordML.


The notices are caused by using the @ sign before an array, which is not accepted by PHP 7.4. Line 2493 of HTML2WordML.php states:

if (($this->openLinks && @$properties['text_decoration'] != 'none') || @$properties['text_decoration'] == 'underline') {

Here, $properties has no key 'text_decoration', and @ does not suppress the notice. I think that isset should be used here. These notices are also generated on other lines in this file, where the @ sign is used the same way.


What can be done to suppress these errors, other than just suppressing all PHP errors and warnings?