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How do i searchandhighlight with an array of strings
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Posted by SkyDweller  · 13-02-2022 - 16:46


I want to search and highlight multiple strings in the same colour. In order to do this, I want to initialise an array with all the search terms in and then run this through the searchAndHighlight function: 

So far i have tried the below foreach loop without success.

require_once 'Classes/';

$docx = new DocxUtilities();

$terms = array(

$options = array(
    'highlightColor' => 'red',
    'document' => true,
    'endnotes' => true,
    'comments' => true,
    'headersAndFooters' => true,
    'footnotes' => true,

foreach ($terms as $term) {
    $docx->searchAndHighlight('output.docx', 'output.docx', $term, $options);


Perhaps I am missing something. Any help would be most appreciated.