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Using cloneblock to clone elements
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Posted by philip0908  · 10-05-2022 - 00:06

I am trying for hours now but I can't get it to work. I am using my own wrapper class called "MSWord". What am I missing? Replacing template variables works, so there is no error with synchronization between the wrapper class and phpdocx. The content in the BLOCK in the word document is a row from a table - if that makes any difference.

class MSWord {

  private $framework_object = false;

  private $path = "ready_to_download";
  private $targets = array('header', 'document', 'footer', 'footnote', 'footnotes', 'endnote', 'endnotes', 'comment', 'comments');

  public function __construct($path_to_template_file = false) {
    require_once(K :: gI('K')->getPhitPath()."features/phpdocx/classes/CreateDocx.php");
    error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_WARNING); // In case phpdocx turned it on
      if ($path_to_template_file) {

        $this->framework_object = new CreateDocxFromTemplate($path_to_template_file);
        $this->framework_object->setTemplateSymbol('${', '}');



  public function getTemplateVariablesNew() {

    return $this->framework_object->getTemplateVariables();


  public function replaceTemplateVariables($replacement_variables) {

     $options = array('parseLineBreaks' => true, "type" => "inline");

    foreach ($this->targets as $target) {

      $options['target'] = $target;
      $this->framework_object->replaceVariableByText($replacement_variables, $options);



  public function cloneBlock($block_name, $copies, $replacement_variables = false, $settings = false) {

    $this->framework_object->cloneBlock($block_name, $copies);        


  public function saveFinalDocument($path_to_new_document) {




And I try to call it like this:


$word_object = new MSWord($path_to_submission_file);

// Clone blocks
$word_object->cloneBlock("CONTACT_PERSONS", 5);

// Save new document

Word doc looks like this:

- ${contact_person_name}        
- ${contact_person_email}       
- ${contact_person_phone}