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How to get a list of inputfields, similar to gettemplatevariables()?
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Posted by admin  · 01-09-2022 - 11:05


There's no direct method to get all input fields or merge fields. These are complex elements that contain a lot of information. For example, in the case of structure document tags (w:sdt): alias, tag, text contents, styles, id...

The best approach for this specific case is using getDOCXPathQueryInfo. For example, to return the tag value of all w:sdt elements:

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('template.docx');

// query w:sdt/w:sdtPr elements
$referenceNode = array(
        'customQuery' => '//w:sdt//w:sdtPr'
$foundNodes = $docx->getDOCXPathQueryInfo($referenceNode);

if (count($foundNodes['elements']) > 0) {
        $inputFieldNodes = array();
        // iterate the elements to get the needed information
        foreach ($foundNodes['elements'] as $nodes) {
                $tagNodes = $nodes->getElementsByTagName('tag');
                if ($tagNodes->length > 0 && $tagNodes->item(0)->hasAttribute('w:val')) {
                        $inputFieldNodes[] = $tagNodes->item(0)->getAttribute('w:val');


And a very similar approach can be used for merge fields.