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Trying to setup the convertion plugin with msword

Posted by admin  · 25-01-2024 - 11:49


Please check and run the samples included in examples/FormatConversion/transformDocument/msword. Please note the following information detailed in these samples:

// global paths must be used
$docx->transformDocument('C:\\path\\transformDocument_msword_1.docx', 'C:\\path\\transformDocument_msword_1.pdf', 'msword');

Global paths must be used to set source and target files (aso please note double backslashes ('\\') must be used for each directory). You can read about these same requirements on (MS Word common problems and issues section):

Source and target files must use absolute paths and double backslashes: 'C:\\folder\\source.docx' .

We recommend you test the included samples (after changing path to the correct global path to your files) using PHP CLI to check if PHP COM is working correctly.

Also please note that using a Windows server you can use all conversion plugins.