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Differences between free and pro
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Posted by xkp  · 20-04-2012 - 08:20

Hi all,
i am starting to study phpdocx using the free version.
Now i have found some problems using it.

For example i try to use an image in the header with

‘name’ (image path) : ‘img/image.png’, …

and it does not seem to work.

Of course i know that there are some limitations in the free version but
earch time i use a parameter in a funcion i am never sure, when it is not working, if it is my fault or it is the
free version which does not support the feature i want to use.

I have seen the page

but as for some functions some parameters seems to work while other are not working, how can i be sure
where is the problem, if in the way i use it or in the limits of the free version?

The table in describes general features not each parameter i can or i cannot use in the free.
Please advice
Thanks in advance