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Size_col array not working
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Posted by erikdrums  · 20-04-2012 - 13:49

Should this simple example not deliver a table with 3 different sized rows?
I get 3 of the same size and just can't see why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm viewing the docx's in Microsoft Word 2008 on a mac

$valuesTable = array(
'Title A',
'Title B',
'Title C',
'Line A',
'Line B',
'Line C',

$paramsTable = array(
'TBLLOOKval' => 'ffff01E0',
'TBLSTYLEval' => 'Tablanormal',
'TBLWtype' => 'center',
'TBLWw' => '50',
'border' => 'single',
'border_sz' => 20,
'border_spacing' => 0,
'border_color' => 'ff0000',
'jc' => 'center',
'size_col' => array(3000, 2000, 100)

$docx->addTable($valuesTable, $paramsTable);