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Getting image captions to work?
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Posted by nicks  · 15-01-2016 - 12:02


I've installed the latest release and trying to get to grips with image captions.

I've added a 'caption' parameter as shown below:

$captionsettings = array('text' => 'test');
$image->addImage(array('src' => $imagesrc,'imageAlign' => 'center','height' => $picvar[0],'width' => $picvar[1],'caption' => $captionsettings));


Though I then receive the error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function saveXML() on a non-object in /var/www/phpdocx_corporate-new2/classes/

There is mention of:

'show_label' (string) show default value Figure

I tried setting a value here, though I guess it provides a default?

Is it possible to get demo snippet of how I should declare a caption?



Posted by admin  · 18-01-2016 - 09:04


This a simple sample about how to add image captions:

$options = array(
    'src' => 'image.png',
    'imageAlign' => 'left',
    'scaling' => 50,
    'spacingTop' => 10,
    'spacingBottom' => 0,
    'spacingLeft' => 0,
    'spacingRight' => 20,
    'textWrap' => 0,
    'borderStyle' => 'lgDash',
    'borderWidth' => 6,
    'borderColor' => 'FF0000',
    'caption' => array('show_label' => true, 'text' => 'FIRST IMAGE')


You may read the valid parameters on the addImage API doc (



Posted by nicks  · 20-01-2016 - 12:08

Thanks for the example, however I am not having much luck making it work:

$captionsettings = array('show_label' => true, 'text' => 'FIRST IMAGE');

$image->addImage(array('src' => $imagesrc,'imageAlign' => 'center','height' => $picvar[0],'width' => $picvar[1],'caption' => $captionsettings));


I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function saveXML() on a non-object in /var/www/phpdocx_corporate-new2/classes/ on line 3376


Am I missing any other parameters?

Posted by admin  · 21-01-2016 - 08:30


We've done some checks and everything is working fine, please post the full script. This script must illustrate the issue and be as simple as possible.


Posted by nicks  · 22-01-2016 - 14:04

Sure, I'll email you over an example now.

Posted by jari.heinonen  · 13-04-2016 - 07:04

Hi guys,

It would be quite nice, if one could localize the default label "Figure" of image caption.

Have you any plans to make it possible?

Posted by admin  · 13-04-2016 - 11:41


You could set the option 'show_label' as false and then use 'text' to add a custom string instead of 'Figure'. 'Figure' os a fixed default text added by Word.