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Images are not downloading with enterprise edition
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Posted by seanirwin  · 28-04-2017 - 14:23

Using the enterprise edition, we generate DOCX files from HTML using embedHTML(). When we test locally the images are included in the .docx document, but when we move the same code to our staging and production servers, with a domain, the images are not included in the document. No errors are generated, the code just runs for a long time - and then finally downloads without any indication there was an image in the document.

We have set the subdomain value to "* in the configuration file and our license code. 

<img alt="" height="50" src="" width="50">


Posted by admin  · 28-04-2017 - 15:12


We have replied your email about this same question:

We recommend you to check that Tidy for PHP is enabled and running, and check your server logs to find any problem. The embedHTML method uses the temp folder to download images and maybe your web user can't write to this folder or you may need to enable the downloadImages option as true to get it working (

We also reccomend you to check that the images are URL accessible from your server.

The license throws a 'LICENSE NOT VALID' exception if it runs using a not valid domain, but it doesn't deny downloading images using the embedHTML method. The problem may come from other source.