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How can i addimage after header/footer for each page?
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Posted by gh_ost  · 07-12-2017 - 12:44


I have image of the print our company and this print must be on each page before the text ( i know about watermark and background but this methods doesn't solve the problem) of the document.  

I use insertWordFragment, but it's add elements (after/before) like pharapraph, section, break ( break doesn't found with type = "next" like in example) etc. there not element footer or header

        $image = public_path().'/img/ncste_print_q.png';

        $print = new WordFragment($word, 'document');
            'src' => $image,
            'textWrap' => 2,
            'height' => 100,
            'width' => 350

        $word->addBreak(array('type' => 'page'));
        //['type' => 'break', 'attributes' => array('w:type' => 'page'),]
        $word->insertWordFragment($print, ['attributes' => array('w:headerReference' => ''),], 'after' );

So how i can solve this problem?



Posted by admin  · 08-12-2017 - 08:24


background images, watermarks and headers/footers can be used to repeat a content in all pages.

If you are creating the DOCX from scratch, you can add the image as a WordFragment when inserting the header or footer. Please check the examples available for the addHeader ( method.

If you are using a template, please add a placeholder in the header or footer with the program you are using to generate the templates and then replace the placeholder by an image using the replaceVariableByWordfragment ( method setting the right target option.

DOCXPath can only be used with the body content. 


phpdocx support Team

Posted by gh_ost  · 08-12-2017 - 09:12

Sorry you don't understand me 

I want add image on the text not under not before or after this must look like the red stamp this  page  on each page. 

And i am generating document


Posted by gh_ost  · 08-12-2017 - 11:16

Deleted by admin · 08-12-2017 - 20:01

Posted by admin  · 08-12-2017 - 20:18


We recommend you to use a custom template with an image placeholder and a text placeholder surrounded by block placeholders, and then use the cloneBlock method ( to clone the block as many times as needed. This method is available since phpdocx 7 for Advanced and Premium licenses.

The options relativeFromHorizontal and relativeFromVertical available in the addImage method since phpdocx 7.5 can also help for that task.

But please note there's no a 'perfect' approach for that task, as a DOCX is not like a PDF that is 'painted' in fixed positions. It is more similar to HMTL, as it is painted 'dynamically'; so you should manage the contents of the blocks to avoid creating new extra pages. There's no way to know the content after a header.