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How do i upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0?
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Posted by ralfjahr  · 25-04-2018 - 09:52

Is any upgrade guide available, are there methods which are not available any more? Thanks, Ralf

Posted by admin  · 25-04-2018 - 10:07


You can upgrade on MY PHPDOCX page after login. On this page you can download the new package if you have an active LUS, or purchase the upgrade.

About your question, the same scripts of phpdocx 7 (and phpdocx 6, 5 and 4) will work perfectly. Since the release of phpdocx 4 some years ago, each new version of phpdocx only adds new features but the API doesn't change; you just need to change .inc to .php extensions when you include phpdocx (phpdocx 8 use PHP extensions instead of INC used by previous versions).

On you can read about the features added in phpdocx 8.


Posted by ralfjahr  · 08-05-2018 - 07:59

Thanks for your reply. We figured out that for mergeDocx we need as parameter  array("enforceSectionPageBreak" => true) to have the same behaviour as before. Are there other changes? Thanks, Ralf

Posted by admin  · 08-05-2018 - 08:39


The behaviour of the enforceSectionPageBreak option is the same for phpdocx 7.5 and phpdocx 8.0. This class (MultiMerge) is the same in both versions of the library (the only change done is to replace .inc by .php extensions).

On you can read all new changes added to phpdocx 8.0..