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Still shows trial watermark
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Posted by developercoffeeshop  · 24-10-2018 - 06:54

I recently upgraded and downloaded the paid package, I added the key and value as described. Im still getting this error when generating documents:

This document has been generated with a trial copy of PHPDocX. Please, visit the PHPDocX website to buy the license that best adapts to your needs.

Currently I'm running this on my localhost as its in development, I'd be grateful if you could help me remove the trial text asap

Posted by admin  · 24-10-2018 - 07:06


We have downloaded the Basic package and run the included examples and there's no trial messages in the DOCX outputs (the Basic package doesn't include any trial message).

Please download again the package, extract it in a new folder and try running one of the included samples (such as examples/Core/addText) using PHP CLI mode:

$ php sample_1.php

And then open the DOCX output. Maybe there's some cache in your server or you are loading the trial package by mistake?