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Upgrade paths to version 9
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Posted by cem  · 05-03-2019 - 18:37

Hello, Is there a guide detailing the upgrade paths that are supported?  I checked the release notes for v.9 and didn't see anything specific.  We have Enterprise v.7 and an active LUS.  Can you go from 7 to 9 or do we have to go to 8 first?  If we can, just unzip as normal and point to this version instead of 7? 




Posted by admin  · 05-03-2019 - 19:01


A license can be upgraded only to the latest release. You can upgrade a license on MY PHPDOCX page after login. All packages include all files, so you just need to extract the ZIP file to use the library.

About upgrading the package, you can point from one version to other changing only the path to phpdocx, the API method names don't change (albeit a lot of new methods and new options have been added since the release of phpdocx 7). Please note that phpdocx 8 changed INC extensions to PHP extensions (, so you need to include CreateDocx.php (not On you can read all new features added in each new version of