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About table font size in office 2010

Posted by neu_katayama  · 10-07-2019 - 06:24

 am creating a word using a template.
The font, size, and borders are set in the template table style.
I create a table from HTML using that style.
In the word of office 2019, it will be the font size of the specified table style.
For the word of office 2010, the setting of the font size is ignored and it becomes the default font size of the word.
What should I do to make the font size similar to office2019 in office 2010?

Posted by admin  · 10-07-2019 - 07:31


How have you generate the table style? We have done some quick tests and using createTableStyle it works perfectly with all DOCX readers; maybe you have generated or added the style in a way that is only compatible with MS Word 2019? We have test also adding custom paragraph styles to the HTML and this approach works fine as well.

Please test and run the included examples. We also recommend you to open a support ticket (, and the dev team well check your DOCX and script to find any issues.


Posted by neu_katayama  · 17-07-2019 - 01:08

Specifying fontSize for rPrStyles in createTableStyle is now the desired font size.

Thank you very much.