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'legendpos' => 'none' in addchart causes an error
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Posted by Siegfried  · 20-12-2019 - 14:26


my phpdocx version is 9.5

I created a chart with $wordfragment->addChart and uses the theme-options.
Also I set the parameter 'legendPos' =>  'none',
and get an error:

Notice: Trying to get property 'ownerDocument' of non-object in D:\Webpages\wwwroot_proqualistool_v2\Applikation\phpdocx\classes\ThemeCharts.php on line 83

'legendPos' =>  'r' works fine!

Please help and best regards


Posted by admin  · 20-12-2019 - 20:36


The Premium package includes the following samples that set legendPos as 'none': sample_2.php and sample_16.php.

It seems your code is seting legendPos as 'none', so no legend tag is created, and you are trying to set a legend style using the legendArea option. You can't apply a legend style as the legend tag doesn't exist, so phpdocx returns a not found DOM exception.

To hide elements in charts please check the show* options available in the addChart method.


Posted by Siegfried  · 15-01-2020 - 16:46

Thanks, yes this was the mistake.

I did'nt remove the background-color for the "legendArea"-Parameter from the theme-options.

Now it works!