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Bullet points converting to numbered list on mergedocx
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Posted by nicks  · 05-11-2020 - 12:46

Running the latest version.

Take two DOCX files, one blank and one with bullet points in, add them to the FileArray array and merge with the following:

$merge = new \Phpdocx\Utilities\MultiMerge();

$merge->mergeDocx($FileArray[0], array_slice($FileArray,1), 'output.docx', array('mergeType' => 1));

This has previously worked for us daily flawlessly for years. Seems to be the latest version 10 as we've made no code changes in code.

Is this a known problem?

Posted by admin  · 05-11-2020 - 13:58


The issue isn't with phpdocx 10 but with the latest revisions of MS Word 2016, MS Word 2019, MS Word 365 and MS Word Online that have added ID limits when working with lists. Please check the information available on

All phpdocx 10 licenses were updated applying the needed changes days ago. We have tested your case (merging a blank DOCX and a DOCX with bullets) and we get a correct output with all DOCX readers. If after downloading and using the latest version of phpdocx 10 you still have the same issues, please send to contact[at] the DOCX documents you are merging, the output you get and the program you are using to open the DOCX and we'll check them.


Posted by nicks  · 05-11-2020 - 14:37


Thank you for your swift informative response. Reassuring to know that this has been resolved. I'll download the latest package now and do some testing.

Thanks again!