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Add multiple signatures in one pdf
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Posted by diogocnunes  · 24-11-2020 - 15:57

Hi, i need to put two or more signatures in one PDF. Is it possible with phpdocx?

I tried this way, but the final file came only with the last signature...

$sign = new SignPDF();
$sign->setPrivateKey(storage_path('app/signatures/cert1.pem'), 'test');

$sign2 = new SignPDF();
$sign2->setPrivateKey(storage_path('app/signatures/cert2.pem'), 'test');

I tried put all in one SignPDF instance, but doesn't work too...

Can someone help me?

Posted by admin  · 24-11-2020 - 16:28


phpdocx allows adding one or more signatures to DOCX documents, but the current version of phpdocx only allows adding a single signature to PDF documents. Adding more than one signature to PDF documents is a work in a progress that will be available in a future release.


Posted by diogocnunes  · 24-11-2020 - 16:41

thanks for fast response. Do you know when this new version will be released, approximately?

I need this too much :(

Posted by admin  · 24-11-2020 - 18:11


It's a work in progress. Sorry but there's no estimated date for its release.


Posted by diogocnunes  · 02-12-2020 - 11:51

Hi there! I saw you released the v.11 from phpdocx today! 

This version already support multiple signatures to PDF?


Posted by admin  · 02-12-2020 - 12:12


UPDATE: phpdocx 12 added support to sign PDF documents using more than one signature.

It's still a work in progress. On you can read the new features included in phpdocx 11.

You user doesn't have any license tied. What version and license of phpdocx are you using? Users with a license and LUS active can download and test beta releases/features. If you are using a purchased license please send to contact[at] the username or email of the user that purchased the license you are using.