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Margins do not change with modifypagelayout
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Posted by gmakstutis  · 30-05-2021 - 21:48

I'm using the following, to try to set margins for my document, output from Drupal:

<phpdocx_modifypagelayout data-paperType="A4" data-marginTop="850" data-marginRight="577" data-marginBottom="850" data-marginLeft="577" />

But, no matter what I set for the margins, they never change in the output.

Using: phpdocx V9 premium

Posted by admin  · 31-05-2021 - 05:19


The phpdocx_modifypagelayout tag was included in HTML Extended in the release of phpdocx 9.5:

phpdocx 9.0 doesn't include it. We recommend you to upgrade your license to be able to use it; otherwise, you need to use the modifyPageLayout method to change the MS Word document layout instead of HTML Extended.

If you got some patch to add support to phpdocx_modifypagelayout in phpdocx 9, we recommend you to check your installation includes it.