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Use highlight instead of background color
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Posted by admin  · 15-10-2021 - 06:23


A shading color can be added using the backgroundColor option available in addText:

$paragraphOptions = array(
    'backgroundColor' => 'FF0000'
$docx->addText('Lorem ipsum.', $paragraphOptions);

A highlight color can be added using the highlightColor option:

$paragraphOptions = array(
    'highlightColor' => 'red'
$docx->addText('Lorem ipsum.', $paragraphOptions);

Please note, as explained on the API doc page (, that backgroundColor (shading color) can be a HEX value, but highlightColor is limited to specific color values (MS Word only supports the following highlight colors: black, blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, yellow, white, darkBlue, darkCyan, darkGreen, darkMagenta, darkRed, darkYellow, darkGray, lightGray, none).

If you are using HTML methods:

$docx->embedHTML('<p style="background-color: #FF0000;">Lorem ipsum.</p>');

$docx->embedHTML('<p><span style="background-color: #FF0000;">Lorem ipsum.</span></p>');

phpdocx always adds a shading style, not a highlight style.

UPDATE: phpdocx 12.5 added the data-highlight style to apply a highlight style when importing HTML in Premium licenses (HTML Extended and CSS Extended features).

Also note that you can use the searchAndHighlight method to highlight specific keywords in a DOCX.

If you are transforming HTML to DOCX and you need to add highlight styles (instead of or in addition to the default shading styles), please send an email to contact[at] with the most simple sample that illustrates your case and we'll check it. Maybe HTML Extended can include a new specific extended style to accomplish your needs.