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Watermarkpdf image sizes
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Posted by admin  · 17-03-2022 - 21:17


The watermarkDocx method uses px to set height and width values. From the API doc page (

height int Watermark image height in pixels (optional).

width int Watermark image width in pixels (optional).

But the watermarkPdf method doesn't use pixels to set height and width values. From the API doc page (

height int Height value (proportional).

width int Width value (proportional).

If you don't want to autodetect it (not setting width and height values), the exact height and width values to be used depends on the dpi and the image size. In your code, the values you are setting exceed the page size so the image is moved to the next page. For example, using a sample image included in the package (example PdfUtilities/watermarkPdf):

$docx->watermarkPdf($source, $target, 'image', array('image' => '../../files/image.png', 'width' => 78, 'height' => 64));