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Customize text on y-axis on chart
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Posted by davelavinsky  · 22-12-2017 - 11:06

Is there a way to customize the text on the Y-Aixs no charts ?

Right now it shows 35000000 - but I really want it show $35,000,000

Posted by admin  · 22-12-2017 - 11:23


phpdocx 7.5 added a lot of improvements when working with charts and when importing HTML tables. You can read these changes on; and you can test them using the trial package.

If you need to use advanced charts that include not supported styles/properties by addChart, the replaceChartData method available in Advanced and Premium licenses is very useful.


Posted by davelavinsky  · 22-12-2017 - 11:38

Im going to try out 7.5 trial and if I can achieve what I want I'll upgrade.

Right now, the only thing that's remaining for my charts is replacing the Y-Axis series text with custom text.

But replaceChartData is not what I require.

What do I have to do to change the text in the Y-Axis using addChart method ?

Posted by admin  · 22-12-2017 - 11:58


Sorry but the current version of phpdocx doesn't allow changing the number format of axis values. It's a feature added in the beta package that will be included in the next release of phpdocx (beta packages are available for licenses with an active LUS).