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Upgrading to new libreoffice server version - no links in pdf file
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Posted by Exorion  · 09-11-2020 - 19:39

Hi all!

Last time i upgrade server to LibreOffice 6 version and pdf now looks good, but adding Links its showing as a links but not clickable in pdf document - is it possible to do something? 


p.s. libreoffice version


Posted by admin  · 09-11-2020 - 19:57


LibreOffice 6 and LibreOffice 7 require adding a custom character style to links, to generate active links when transforming the documents to PDF.

Since phpdocx 7.5 you can set a custom character style with addLink (rStyle option inherited from addText method). phpdocx 9.5 added setting a custom character style when transforming HTML to DOCX (on you can read a sample using phpdocx 9.5 and phpdocx 10).

The next release of phpdocx will automatize adding a custom character style to new links (there's no release date yet).


Posted by Exorion  · 09-11-2020 - 20:11

Works great! Thanks!

Posted by Exorion  · 16-11-2020 - 10:30

<a href="" class="DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX" style="font-size:8pt;border-radius:50%;background-color:#FFE0B2;text-decoration: none;color:#000000;margin-left:50px;margin-right:50px"><span class="DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX">&nbsp;&nbsp;Drawing&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></a>

This code not showing a link with embedHtml insert - why?

Posted by admin  · 16-11-2020 - 11:54


As explained in our previous reply, adding custom character styles using HTML contents (embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML methods) was added in phpdocx 9.5. As you are using phpdocx 8.2 you need to upgrade your license to be able to use this feature.


Posted by admin  · 03-12-2020 - 08:49


phpdocx 11 adds custom character styles to links as default. They can be customized if needed.